Operational Fire and Rescue Stations

Written by Daniel Morgan Architectural Assistant

We are part of a multi-disciplinary team, established by Mace, to deliver two new community engaged stations for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

The combined project to deliver a 24-hour fully staffed station in Hull city centre and a station facility crewed by on-call firefighters in the village of Brough is an exciting brief. The difference between the two site contexts and functions has allowed us to develop two varied identities both in appearance and operationally, but both stations share the same aspiration of being an accessible and welcoming facility to serve the local community. Alongside the provision of operational facilities, both schemes incorporate amenities such as IT training space and gym areas which can be accessed by the public upon appointment.


  • Bluelight & Defence


Mace / Humberside Fire and Rescue


Hull, UK


Our primary design objective for the city centre station (pictured right and below) is to replace the existing and outdated facility with a fit-for-purpose and energy efficient building; at Brough (pictured above) we are designing a new station to replace an outdated leased premises. The station in the centre of Hull is located adjacent a Grade II Listed Church and a mixture of medium rise residential buildings. This context has played into the traditional form of the building and the materials we have selected. The heavy use of brick throughout the station is broken up by vertical profiled black cladding and a perforated metal façade. For the Brough fire station we have opted for a slightly more contemporary design approach with regard to the form and materials, reflecting the surrounding industrial building types.

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