Cable Street, Lancaster

Written by Joe Dickeson Board Director

We’re working on an exciting 89-bed student accommodation scheme in the heart of historic Lancaster. The project comprises the conversion of a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian building alongside a new-build to provide a combination of high quality communal spaces and generous studio bedrooms equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities.

It’s important that we bring back to life the derelict Georgian building through careful renovation and conversion. We’ve designed the new-build to be both sympathetic to the historic context of the town and adjoining building, whilst also providing a modern and appealing place to live for the students of Lancaster University.


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Lancaster, UK


Site constraints included the immediate proximity of neighbouring residential properties on three sides of the site whose privacy needed to be maintained. The challenge therefore was to provide a design solution for the new build that reduces direct overlooking. We have achieved this by angling the windows to re-direct internal views and maintain the council’s urban design principles of minimum overlooking distances.

The design takes its cues from the historic setting through its form and use of building materials. These are applied in a contemporary manner through simple and minimal detailing which provides a delicate balance of new and old.

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