Fife Quality Bus Interchanges

Fife County Council commissioned us to carry out masterplanning, design and realisation for four of their bus stations. The intention was to both enhance the user experience, make a statement on the improved quality of public transport and to improve the relationship of the buildings to their surrounding contexts.

We took a tailored approach to each of the four locations, rethinking the relationship with the surrounding town to make its presence more subtle and integrated. The designs therefore needed to be modern, but responsive to the local vernacular of each setting.

Key objectives were: creating a safe and welcoming waiting environment; measures to improve personal security; improving information provision with electronic screens and providing easier access for people with mobility difficulties.

Designs are fluid and soft - we wanted to take what could be quite a large imposing building and make it feel almost ‘domestic', in keeping with the friendliness and informality of the towns they served.

Lots of thinking went into the concealed lighting schemes for each station, to maximise illumination and make the setting even safer and more inviting.

Each interchange achieves high standards of architectural excellence and passenger comfort and facility within heritage environments in the historic Kingdom.


  • Transport & Infrastructure


Fife Council


Fife, UK

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