Mall 3, Meadowhall

We were commissioned by British Land to add a new mall to an original double height supermarket space at Meadowhall.

Our solution was to add a mezzanine floor to the double height space, creating a new atrium with a fully glazed roof, and, in effect, opening a whole new mall to retailers and shoppers.

The space created 12 new medium and large units in a modern, clean and bright shopping space. Contemporary materials such as frameless glass and granite cladding are used throughout in exciting and innovative ways. The mall ends with a dramatic and cantilevered and curved feature staircase flowing into a new circular atrium, allowing natural light to penetrate through to ground floor.

Use of a combination of double height and mezzanine floors and very carefully controlled design brings variety to the layout and makes best use of the available volume, so that the client did not need to obtain new planning permissions.

All works were undertaken whilst Meadowhall remained operational – over a 3 year period – and the project was delivered on time and to budget, despite the extensive flooding of Meadowhall in June 2007.


  • Retail


British Land PLC

Sheffield, UK

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