Glenthorne Road Student Accommodation

Written by Peter S. Whitlam Associate Director

Jefferson Sheard Architects undertook the delivery stages of the £12m newbuild student accommodation for client HG Construction.

The development provides 233 student beds through a mix of studios, apartments, cluster accommodation and townhouses, staggered upon the hillside. The four blocks vary in storey size to breakup the appearance against the skyline and better fit the building vernacular of the surrounding area.

The 4960m² site is located close to the University of Exeter, adjoining the Streatham Campus, providing excellent pedestrian links to the University.


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HG Construction




The Design and delivery of the scheme has sustainability at its core, with an approach to enhance the buildings economic and social value whilst mitigating its environmental impact. This is demonstrated in the project’s BREEAM Excellent rating.

The scheme follows a ‘fabric first approach’ ensuring high levels of thermal performance and natural ventilation. Heating is via a mains gas CHP hot water system and incorporates renewable technologies including roof mounted Photovoltaics. Other energy saving features including improved lighting efficiency making use of LED technology throughout. Biodiversity within the site will be retained and increased by providing enhanced opportunities for shelter, nesting and food sources for a range of species including invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and birds.

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