Airport Business Park, Southend

Written by Joe Dickeson Board Director

We are appointed by Henry Boot Developments, in partnership with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, to develop a state-of-the-art business park on a 55 acre greenfield site at Rochford.

Located adjacent to London Southend Airport the park will exploit commercial opportunities offered by the Airport to provide up to 7,000 new jobs in up to 1.2million sq.ft. of new floorspace including medical / technical industries. The development of the business park will act as a catalyst for regeneration and development to other nearby employment clusters.


  • Urban Design & Master Plans
  • Office & Industrial Workplace


Henry Boot Developments




A key design objective for the business park is to reduce the visual impact of the new development on its green-belt surroundings by integrating it into its natural setting via the creation of landscaped park environment. Access into the site will be via a new roundabout junction with development plots accessed of a looping spine road which circulates the site around a central business hub zone which forms the focal heart of the development. Green corridors across the site will allow workers and public to navigate through the business park away from road traffic. These routes will also provide connection to the wider network for both pedestrians and cyclists.

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